I love Being Creative

Welcome to my virtual home. I am an artist who loves creating jossebags handmade cowhide leather bags.

I have been artistic since a very young age and I love my line of work. It makes my day!

First I imprint the pattern in the cowhide and then I start working with my scalpel, a very sharp little surgical knife. I start cutting and cutting and cutting even more. It is a lot of work but I love to see the pattern emerge in the leather.

Messenger Bag Danja

Pure Leather Bags

Quality In The Detail

If I am satisfied with the print in the leather I turn it into a handbag or a cushion. I pay a lot of attention in the design of the handbag. The quality is also in the detail.

Pure Handmade Leather Bags

I like spending my days in my studio surrounded by the lovely scent of leather and the bliss of creating! Exploring textures and ways to make patterns in the handmade leather bags is energizing.  Jossebags handmade cowhide leather bags are all OOAK and a unique print on them.

Cloud Nine

Oftentimes when I am making my leather handbags I am working in cloud nine. Some nice music playing in my studio and I am so concentrated that I don’t hear it when somebody knocks on my studio door.

Fondness for nature

I enjoy a deep fondness for nature and most of my patterns on the leather bags are inspired by it. Leaves, flowers birds waves I blend into my artsy bags. Things that I find fascinating all magically come together in my work as an artist and designer.


Drawing all kind of shapes and lines. Combining them in the different designs is one of my favourite things. The hides which I use for the handbags are Eco-friendly and sustainable. The cowhide leather has not been dyed only tanned to make it supple and soft.

Cloud nine : a feeling of extreme happiness or euphoria, feeling like you’re floating on air. Also spelled “cloud nine.”

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