Josse Bags

Leather White Artisan Handbag Kuala

Two different prints on each side! Leather White Artisan Handbag Kuala is a medium size handbag with a black strap.

-White leather handbag with a Turquoise side and black shoulder strap
-White cowhide
-Turquoise leather side
-Raw suede interior unlined


23 x 30,5 x 6 cm / 9.1″ W x12″ H x 2.4″D

Strap length 117 cm / 46.06″

Leather White Artisan Handbag with harts

On each side, I made a different design. Mostly harts and leaves my favourite!  The white soft leather stays white overtime because this leather is dirt proof. Furthermore, it feels super soft and did you know:  the leather is clean, durable and stain proof!

Same model other colour

You can find this crossbody handbag also in other colours.